Resilience and Heart Math

Resilience and Heart Math

Yesterday we tuned-in to Hutchinson Consulting’s free weekly video web series called “Coffee With the Coaches”.   The topic for the day was “Resilience” – the ability to manage and recover from conditions of stress and anxiety.  Certainly, current circumstances surrounding Covid-19 have been fueling such conditions and proves a timely subject for discussion, coaching and mentorship.

Principals Michael Tompkins and Kristine Huffman both offered personal experiences and insight into managing stress in their own lives while Kristine expounded upon effective tactics and practical techniques to foster resilience and harness recovery.

Among these, Kristine articulated the ABC’s of remedial actions:

  1. Acknowledge – the circumstances and influencers of stress and anxiety.
  2. Breathe – to seize immediate relief and containment of agitating conditions.
  3. Convert – to change the situation and contributing factors.
  4. D – Follow the “Do’s and Don’ts” to manage and mitigate the experience.

Hutchinson Consulting represents a wealth of experience serving the Hospitality / Spa Industry and more recently the Senior Living Industry. The resource outlets they represent for additional information and education surrounding Health & Wellness are noteworthy as well.

The HeartMath Solution endorsed by Kristine during this third installment of the series is a notable example of the synergy our specialty alliance with the Hutchinson team represents – where shared interests, awareness and experience in cutting-edge healing science can be explored through practise and transform the health and well-being of our planned community residents in the process.

As our project plans and partnership announcements advance, we will be offering more specific information about the data integration efforts underway. In the interim, please explore the HeartMath Experience while it is still complimentary and consider downloading their Inner Balance App to experiment yourself.

We thank Hutchinson Consulting for this series and encourage joining as it continues.  Our own participation was a prescription for relief – promoting reflection while offering some valuable tips!